Briley is legendary in competition and recreational shooting – in solving problems, producing leading edge ideas and products and always putting the needs of our customers first. There‘s no aspect of the shooting world we haven‘t impacted.

We’re world–famous for our chokes and tube sets, but we do even more. Our gun services, accessories and products for original equipment manufacturers are also setting high standards. Whether you‘re in the market for chokes or tube sets, shooting accessories, vintagers or even 5–stand rental or traps, from custom rifles to outdoor wear, Briley is your leading edge source.

Different Isn‘t Always Better

But looking at things differently is a good way to start.

Jess Briley    
Jess Briley  

That‘s how Jess Briley got started. He took a long hard look at the way things were being done in the shotgun equipment market and just knew there was a better way – a different way. He knew in order to make a better product, he had to step back and look at the whole process – not just as a machinist working with metal, but as a shooter.

Jess wasn‘t your every‾day competition skeet shooter. He‘s a machinist and an oil field veteran with a real penchant for engineering and metallurgy. Ever since his student days at U.T., Jess has been driven by an insatiable curiosity about how things work and a relentless drive to improve them.

   Cliff Moller
  Cliff Moller

Drawing on all his practical and technical experience, and working closely with his partner and son–in–law, Cliff Moller, Jess designed the famous Briley screw‾in choke system and the equally well‾known Briley sub‾gauge tube set.

His approach paid off: Within a short time, most U.S. skeet shooters were faithful customers. They were soon followed by asizable percentage of trap and sporting clays enthusiasts.

Never Completely Satisfied

Briley Innovation   

But Jess and Cliff weren‘t satisfied with the status quo. As word spread about the quality and performance of Briley chokes and tube sets, the company‘s commitment to imagination, innovation and technical excellence grew as well. The firm grew steadily, incorporating the latest in automated machines, manned by skilled artisans.

The little two– company started by Jess and Cliff has grown to an enterprise employing more than 80 skilled machinists, technicians and support personnel.

Briley ChokesOur flagship products – screw–in chokes and tube sets, have been joined by rifle, pistol, gun services, accessories and OEM. In fact, we‘ve been producing and supplying key components and prototypes to such industry giants as Ruger, Remington, Krieghoff, Browning, Smith & Wesson, Colt, H & K, U.S. Repeating Arms and others for years.

We‘ve succeeded for a very simple reason – we‘re never satisfied. We‘re always looking for a better way – a different way to make you a better shooter – by providing you with a better product.