Parts and Services

Service or Part Price Code
A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard $189.00 ETG-BM2-001
Action Job
$100.00 TSL-1
Articulating Latch for M2, Breda or Affinity $225.00 TSPA-ELATCH-ASS
Articulating Latch Installation for M2 or Affinity $75.00 TSL-7
Back Bore $150.00 GBB
Bolt Handle - Regular (choose color) or tactical black
$44.95 Varies
Carbon Plus 8 Extension - with Picatinny 
$189.95 Varies
Carbon Plus 8 Extension - Standard 
$139.95 Varies
Extended Carrier or Lifter (Benelli Only) $79.99 TTI-CARRIER
Extended Follower $19.95 TSPA-Follower
Extended Safety Button
Extended Safety Button Installation
$35.00 TSL-5
EZ Bolt Release - Beretta, Stoeger
$65.00 TSPA-26
EZ Bolt release installation- Beretta, Stoeger (labor only)
$55.00 TSPA-27
EZ Bolt Release - Benelli, Franchi, Versamax (parts and labor)
$125.00 GBEZ
Fiber Optic front sight
$39.95 TSPA-8
Fiber Optic Front Sight Installation
$65.00 TSL-3
Left Hand Charging Handle $175.00 LFC
Long Forcing Cone $95.00 LFC
Magazine Clamp 
$19.95 TSPA-31
Match Trigger  225.00 TRGBEN / TRGBER391 / TRGBERA400
Match Trigger Labor $45.00 TRGL
Open Loading Port
$195.95 GOPENLP
Rear Sight
$79.95 TSPA-ARS
Rear Sight Installation
$95.00 TSL-6
Taccom Premium Stage Saver $13.95 TSPA-322
Trigger Job - polish and adjust engagements as possible $95.00 GTRIG
Tubular Magazine Spring $5.99 Varies
Briley 3Gun M-LOK Handguard - Breda
Price: $275.00
In stock
Stage Saver Adapter
Price: $22.95
In stock
Briley 3Gun Five Choke Pack
Price: $419.95
In stock
Briley 3Gun Three Choke Pack
Price: $259.99
In stock
Briley  3Gun Crio Plus Choke
Price: $84.95
Out of stock
Briley 3Gun Mobil Choke
Price: $0.00
In stock
Briley Rear Sight
Price: $79.95
In stock
Left Side Charging Handle
Price: $175.00
In stock
Benelli AccuGuide Extended Carrier
Price: $79.99
In stock
Briley Trigger Shoes - For Beretta
Price: $24.95
In stock
Taccom Premium Stage Saver
Price: $13.95
In stock
Ultimate 5 Choke  Holder Case
Price: $19.95
In stock